Runaway plastic production is drowning the world in persistent and pervasive pollution. This is not only an environmental problem; scientists are increasingly connecting plastics and the chemicals they’re made from to health issues, including cancers, infertility, obesity and heart disease. If we don’t put the brakes on, plastic use is slated to double by 2050 and waste will nearly triple by 2060. Continuing with the status quo also leaves communities nearest to plastic production and waste facilities to suffer the most—including Indigenous communities.


Countries from around the world are negotiating a global treaty to end plastic pollution and Canada is hosting the fourth negotiation session in April 2024. If done right, this treaty could pave the way for a comprehensive solution to one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.



1.  Focus on reducing the amount of plastic made and used around the world

2.  Require countries to act in a coordinated way to address the plastic pollution crisis

3.  Recognize the rights of frontline communities and Indigenous people


To seize this moment, the federal government must adopt decisive measures on plastic pollution right here in Canada. This is an urgent and unique opportunity for Canada to exhibit its leadership to end plastic pollution.



1.  Expand the bans on harmful single-use plastics

2.  Require and support accessible reuse and refill systems for packaging

3. Stop subsidizing plastic production

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Tell the Prime Minister and Canada’s Cabinet Ministers to demonstrate ambitious leadership for overcoming our plastic pollution crisis at the upcoming treaty negotiations.

Plastic Pollution

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