In an attempt to expand its “natural” gas infrastructure across Ontario, Enbridge Gas is telling residents that gas is the cheapest way to heat their homes.


It’s not. So, we’re calling them out.


We filed a complaint with the Competition Bureau after learning that Enbridge is falsely claiming that “natural” gas, better described as fossil gas, is the most cost-effective way for people to heat their homes and that it is a “clean energy” and “low carbon” option.


None of that is true.


For a long time, fossil gas was the cheapest way to heat homes. Key word: was.


But, that’s not the case anymore because of advances in electric heat pumps. Enbridge Gas' false advertising is causing real harm as people are faced with a rising cost of living. Customers that Enbridge is targeting in gas expansion areas stand to lose more than $10,000 if they choose gas over an electric heat pump.

Community members across Ontario are rallying to say #DontHookUpWithEnbridge and #NoMoreGas.

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@enbridgegas is misleading customers by saying #naturalgas is the cheapest way to heat your home. Shamelessly lining its shareholders' pockets with a false claim that could cost homeowners $10K! #DontHookUpWithEnbridge #NoMoreGas #ONpoli
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Enbridge is Lying

So we're doing something about it.

Read the full blog post.

Enbridge is misleading

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Our complaint

Read the full complaint we filed with the competition bureau.

Our complaint

Two heat pumps installed outside a brick house

Electric heat pumps

Highly-efficient and good for the planet, electric heat pumps are the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your home

Electric heat pumps


Rebates and Incentives

A number of federal and local financial resources can make investing in a climate-friendly home a reality.

Rebates and Incentives


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