Thank you for considering donating your publicly traded stocks and securities to Environmental Defence.

Your generous gift will significantly help our efforts to protect our shared environment and human health.

When you donate and transfer your shares to Environmental Defence, you will receive a charitable receipt for the value of your shares without being taxed for the capital gains. The value of your charitable receipt is determined by the closing price of the shares on the day that they are transferred into Environmental Defence’s account. Environmental Defence’s policy is to sell publicly listed securities the same day that they are received into our account.

Please use the “Gift of Securities” form below to notify your broker, and Environmental Defence, of your wish to make a gift of securities to support our work.

Notification form to download and complete:

Gifts of Securities (Canadian)
Gifts of Securities (US)

Please contact us for more information:

Corinne Berman | Director of Development
(877)399-2333 ext. 230
(416)323-9521 ext. 230