Don’t let Big Oil write Canada’s environmental protections: Defend Bill C-69


Across Ontario, projects like mines, dams and nuclear facilities continue to be approved without proper consideration of the social and environmental implications – and without meaningful consultation with people across this province.

While far from perfect, Bill C-69 does bring a stronger, more transparent and more predictable project review process. It requires that a project’s consequences on our health and climate be considered – before shovels hit the ground.

But Bill C-69 is under attack. The oil and gas industry has launched an extensive misinformation campaign targeted both at the Senate committee studying the bill and the media. Now, the Senate is on tour to hear from people across the country on the bill – except for Ontario.

We need Canadians like you to stand up for strong environmental protections that put our communities ahead of profit.

Letters to the editor are an important way to make a big impact. They’re one of the most widely-read parts of a newspaper — and it’s not just your friends and neighbours who read them. They’re an effective and easy way to reach a large audience, including Senators.

Key points to include in your Letter to the Editor:

  1. Canada needs stronger environmental laws. While not perfect, bill C-69 is a step in the right direction. Here’s a backgrounder to get you caught up on the details and latest developments with C-69.
  2. This bill gives Canada an opportunity to get serious about the global fight against climate change by making it part of how we build Canada’s energy projects and infrastructure. It will ensure that a project’s contribution to Canada’s climate targets is considered.
  3. The bill also:
    • ensures that factors like sustainability, social and health outcomes, and lower-impact alternatives are considered before a project is approved;
    • enhances the role of Indigenous Peoples in the review processes and requires the consideration of a project’s impact on Indigenous rights and culture;
    • allows the public the opportunity to meaningfully engage with review processes;
    • reforms the National Energy Board (NEB) – an industry-captured regulator that has lost the trust of Canadians.
  4. Bill C-69 made it through the House of Commons and is now before the Senate. The bill is a balanced piece of legislation – and compromises to industry have already been made. But now, an organized campaign from the oil and gas industry is trying to mislead Canada’s Senators by spreading lies about Bill C-69.