Don’t let Big Oil write Canada’s environmental protections: Defend Bill C-69

Across Ontario, projects like dams and nuclear facilities continue to be approved without proper consideration of the social and environmental implications – and without meaningful consultation with people in this province.

Bill C-69 brings a stronger, more transparent and more predictable project review process. For the first time, a project’s impact on Canada’s climate targets would be considered, as well as a project’s consequences on our health – before shovels hit the ground.

But Bill C-69 is under attack. The oil and gas industry has launched an extensive misinformation campaign targeted both at Senate committee studying the bill and the media. Now, the Senate is on tour to hear from people across the country on the bill – except for Ontario.

We need Canadians like you to stand up for strong environmental protections that put our communities ahead of profit. Across Ontario, and especially in the province’s north, communities have been adversely impacted by current environmental laws which don’t consider impacts on our health and well-being or on our climate. It’s time for that to end.

Letters to the editor are an important way to make a big impact. They’re one of the most widely-read parts of a newspaper — and it’s not just your friends and neighbours who read it. They’re an effective and easy way to reach a large audience, including Senators.

Writing an effective letter to the editor:

  • Keep it short and focused: Say it in 200 words or less. Letters longer than that will likely be edited or not printed.
  • When possible, respond to an article in the paper: Your letter will have a greater chance of being printed if it is framed as a response to the newspaper’s coverage of the story.
  • Introduce yourself (i.e., I’m a mother, student, kayaker, scientist, new Canadian, etc.) and explain why this issue is important to you.
  • Pretty good is great: Free yourself from perfection. If your letter is in the right region, expressing approximately what you want to say, it’s good enough. Send it in.