Raise your voice for climate action in Ontario

In less than a year, Ontario has taken a huge step backwards on climate action. The province cancelled most of the programs which were working to reduce carbon pollution, and is actively fighting against the solutions scientists and economists tell us will help avert climate disaster.  We know the government plans to spend $30 million in public funds just to go to court to fight carbon pricing. And we just found out Ontario will use millions more of our tax dollars to launch an ad campaign against climate action.

We want to make sure the Minister of the Environment hears from all Ontarians, including commuters, students, and young families. We want our government to stop misleading us with misinformation. Any government that refuses to consider the world that our children will inherit doesn’t speak for us! We demand a new approach: one that values integrity and the health and well-being of Ontarians.

We need you to speak up. There is power in numbers.

Key points

  1. Introduce yourself (let them know that you live in Ontario). Explain that you would like to give feedback on the government’s plan to address climate change.
  2. Explain why climate action is important to you. Consider sharing your fears, hopes, vision for a climate-stable future and/or the opportunities you see from taking climate action. 
  3. Ask them why they are fighting carbon pricing – one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to act on climate change.
  4. Ask why is the minister taking part in spreading misinformation with statements that have no evidence, for example, saying that carbon pricing will cause a recession?
  5. Ask for concrete examples of how they plan to reduce carbon pollution without a price on pollution.
  6. Thank them for the conversation and ask them to step up to the challenge. Our future and the future of our kids is at risk.