Apr 22, 2024 / Climate Change

Everything you Need to Know About the Sustainable Jobs Act (Bill C-50)

On April 15th, Members of Parliament did something we have been urging them to do for months: they passed the Sustainable Jobs Act, or…Read More

Apr 16, 2024 / Climate Change

Taxpayer Dollars Should Not be Fueling Climate Pollution

Paying taxes helps governments to fund the services we all depend on, like education, healthcare and funding programs to tackle the climate crisis. Taxes…Read More

Apr 11, 2024 / Climate Change

Ontario Municipalities Rally to Show Support for Ontario Energy Board’s Decision

In a show of support for the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) decision to end a costly subsidy to Enbridge Gas, many municipalities are passing…Read More

Apr 05, 2024 / Climate Change

Global leaders call for the Advancement of the Climate-Aligned Finance Act

Written by Julie Segal, Senior Manager Climate Finance and Alex Walker, Program Manager, Climate Finance On 24th March 2022, Senator Rosa Galvez introduced the…Read More

Mar 27, 2024 / Climate Change

When will Canada stop funding fossils?

2023 was a devastating year for so many people across Canada. Communities burnt down, livelihoods were destroyed and lives were lost. In addition to…Read More

Mar 26, 2024 / Climate Change

What is Premier Smith’s Problem with Renewable Energy?

The Premier of Alberta has a problem with renewable energy. In August of 2023, Premier Smith imposed a seven-month industry-wide moratorium on new approvals…Read More

Mar 20, 2024 / Climate Change

Have Your Say on Canada's Climate Ambition

The Government of Canada has until the end of this year to set a new greenhouse gas reduction target for 2035. And they want…Read More

Mar 20, 2024 / Climate Change

Environmental Defence Names 3 More Climate Villains

Environmental Defence is naming three additions to Canada’s top Climate Villains. Introducing the new climate villains: Rich Kruger, CEO of Suncor Greg Ebel, CEO…Read More

Mar 11, 2024 / Climate Change

Canada Needs to Strengthen the Clean Electricity Regulations, Not Weaken Them

The proposed Clean Electricity Regulations (CER) by the federal government are intended to make sure we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from fossil…Read More

Mar 11, 2024 / Climate Change

Guest Blog: Fossil Fuel Promotion in City Facilities? Not in My Municipality

This is a guest blog by Mr. William van Geest, Program Coordinator at Ecology Ottawa. He’s passionate about mobilizing people to promote and enjoy…Read More