Big Oil executives are asking for another $50 billion - but together we can come up with better plans.


We don’t need bogus technologies like capture carbon utilization and storage (CCUS). We need plans that put people ahead of polluters.

Chrystia Freeland is the Minister of Finance - and she's approved a huge new tax credit. It's not the full $50 billion - and we want to ensure that the Minister knows we have better priorities.  Record, write or post a public message on social media using the hashtag #50billion. We'll be sharing the best ones!

The federal government just authorized a new tax credit that would give Big Oil executives and shareholders another big break.


Carbon capture, utilization and storage is the oil and gas industry’s latest ploy to slow down the clean energy transition and wring every last dollar they can out of governments.


Fossil fuel executives were asking for #50billion for this technology, which is supposed to gather carbon from the production of fossil fuels and store it underground. But after five decades and billions of dollars invested, the technology captures 0.001% of carbon pollution globally.


If Canada’s oil and gas bosses want to spend millions on risky technology, they are welcome to use their own funds. These are companies that are expected to rake in $115 billion in after-tax revenues this year alone.


We have some better ideas for this money - ideas that would benefit us all- and we bet you do too.


Minister Freeland should hear our good ideas. Send her a message on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok or Instagram - and be sure to tag it #50billion!

$50 billion could pay for:
pay 700,000+ nurses for a year
kickstart Canada's clean energy transition by funding renewables and energy efficiency
end every boil water advisory in Canada (14x over)
make tuition free for all universities and collages
increase federal investment in building retrofits by 10 times
Tell Minister Freeland we have better plans for $50 billion. Make a public post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok with the hashtag #50billion