Ottawa | Traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg People –  Today the federal government released a discussion paper outlining next steps to develop the promised oil and gas emissions cap. The oil and gas sector is Canada’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: a hard cap on emissions from the sector is critical for Canada to make real progress on its climate commitments. Getting this policy right will determine if oil and gas companies are finally forced to reduce the emissions that cause so much climate harm.

Oil and gas companies will be lobbying hard for delay, weak rules, and loopholes to undermine the effectiveness of the cap – just as they have done for every single other climate policy. The result has been decades of unbridled carbon pollution.

The emissions cap will be a critical test for the federal government – and a defining moment for the Prime Minister’s legacy on climate change. After decades of climate promises that have fallen short, the Prime Minister has a chance to put the health and safety of families across Canada above the narrow interests of oil and gas companies.

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Backgrounder: A robust and ambitious cap on emissions from the oil and gas sector 

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