Ottawa, Ont. – The climate action plan released today has a more comprehensive suite of climate policies than in the past and we welcome the meaningful escalation of the retail portion of the carbon price. We’re also pleased about the portion of the $15 billion investment that is not in effect yet another fossil fuel subsidy. But that amount, which is a small fraction of what other countries are doing on a per capita basis, clearly cannot get the job done. In fact, Canada should be investing $270 billion if it was following the level of ambition of the US or EU.

It is also disappointing that the federal government continues to ignore measures that would most effectively reduce Canada’s greatest sources of carbon emissions: the oil and gas sector, and road transportation. The steps to reduce these emissions are well-known: no new oil and gas projects, a gradual phase out of fossil fuel production and use, action to increase the production of electric vehicles.

It is well past time we get to work on these measures, with a fair transition plan for workers and communities who rely on the fossil fuel sector.  We will know the Canadian government is serious about climate action when its stated goal is to transition away from the production and use of ALL fossil fuels, and its actions follow suit.

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