Nathirithanaa Umachandran

Emily Carr Secondary School (Woodbridge, ON)

In today’s society, you’re able to see more litter on the ground than actual grass. This is unfortunate. The saddening truth behind the cause of pollution is us human beings. One plastic wrapper that’s been thrown on the ground just adds up to the pile of trash that continues to grow and pollute our environment. Why should we be the reason to something that can harm OUR environment? That is why I created this image. My vision was to portray an individual transforming into a pile of garbage; it is the focal point. I made sure that the transition between the person and the garbage is clear so the photograph can spread a message; we can stop ourselves from becoming a part of the pollution by simply throwing away our trash.The overall idea worked well with the quote I used, because the person is literally a part of the pollution.