Donnah from Belleville, ON, was the lucky winner of our MEC bike giveaway back in September.  Congratulations, Donnah!


Like many of us, Donnah used to love to cycle when she was younger but fell out of the habit as she got older. She described cycling as “almost like meditation” for her – I’m sure lots of us can relate to that wonderful feeling of freedom and fresh air!


Now that she has her brand new bike, she says she’s really looking forward to getting back out there and regaining some of her cycle fitness. She’s also excited to start enjoying the beautiful cycle paths along the Belleville waterfront!


Donnah stands with her bike in front of some festive decorations
Bike contest winner Donnah enjoying getting out among the holiday decorations in Belleville, ON.


Just because the weather’s turning colder doesn’t mean you can’t get out on your bike – check out MEC’s great guide to fall/winter cycling for some top tips.


Donnah has set herself the goal of getting fit enough to bike out to visit her 80-year-old mother who lives about a 15 minute drive outside of town. These are exactly the kind of journeys that a bike is ideal for. It’s not only a great way to keep fit, but every journey you’re not taking by car is reducing your carbon footprint.  


aerial photograph of the Belleville Ontario waterfront
The lovely Belleville waterfront has extensive cycle paths


Transportation is the biggest contributor to carbon pollution in Ontario, and we all need to be part of the solution.  Even leaving your car at home for one day a week and choosing to walk, cycle, or take transit can have a real impact.  If you do have to drive you could consider an electric vehicle (EV) for your next car.  Check out our blog on frequently asked questions about EVs to find out more. 


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