Pranav Agnihotri, Dryden Wiebe, and Sarvan Gill

Seaquam Secondary School (Delta, B.C. )

Unfortunately, our capitalistic society has allowed our environment to take a backseat. At the root of this problem is the complacency of both consumers and corporations. This photo depicts how businessmen profit shamelessly off this myopic culture of materialistic and monetary gains being metrics of success. While aquatic creatures perish as their rivers swell with toxic plastic pollutants, these businessmen watch with relish as their coffers swell with plastic-forged money. From packing peanuts to soda bottles, plastic packaging is omnipresent and companies have become hesitant to usurp this profitable practice and invest into alternatives. Hence, it falls to consumers to influence corporations by supporting local businesses and plastic-alternative bearing corporations, in hopes of pushing more companies to dig into alternatives as they strive to retain customers. This will aid in stemming the flow of plastic pollution. We cannot work on eradicating plastic pollution if we don’t stem its proliferation first.