Pranav Agnihotri, Sarvan Gill, and Dryden Wiebe

Seaquam Secondary School
Delta, BC


We live in a jungle of plastic that is pushing the natural world away from us as it ever expands due to our consumer culture. We think growing trees and such are solutions, when really we are growing them in a plastic bubble where they will be poisoned by what has become our normal world; a flood of plastic waste leaching toxins into water supplies that will poison those trees and clog the soil for eons. If we want to help out, we have to change our lifestyle and mindset, which will not be easy for many. So our Government has to take a hardline stance and enforce the change by limiting plastic production and sales, funding research into plastic alternatives and being more involved with pushing the public towards replacing the plastic pillars in their lives that they depend on, with simple solutions like cloth bags and metal containers.