I’m here in Paris at the U.N. climate conference, with thousands of observers from around the world. It’s been a rollercoaster, watching these negotiations unfold. The world cannot afford a delay on climate action. We need climate action and we need it now.

That’s why it’s also important to celebrate climate action at the provincial level. Across Canada, there have been some strong steps taken by provinces. And it’s thanks to these steps, that Canada has never been in a better position to introduce a strong climate plan.

On Monday evening, Environmental Defence along with the Pembina Institute and Équiterre hosted Canada Night at COP21 – Paris.

It was an inspiring to hear premiers of Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba as well as Ministers from B.C. and Alberta speak of the importance of climate action.

In Canada, each of these provinces has, or has committed to, a price on carbon. That means nearly 90 per cent of Canada’s population will soon live in a province where polluters must pay for emissions.

It’s exciting to watch these developments unfold. As the world is involved in intense negotiations, it’s also important to remember that provincial climate actions are occurring across our country. Now it’s time for Canada to introduce a meaningful climate plan and put its strong words at Paris into action.