The Problem:

Climate change is a big problem that demands big solutions. Individual actions, such as changing light bulbs or cycling to work, are important, but as individual citizens, we lack some of the tools needed to solve the climate crisis. That’s why strong government action is critical. Pricing carbon pollution, increasing energy efficiency, investing in modern public transit, building renewable energy and regulating industrial emissions will all be needed in order to fight climate change.

The Solutions:

1. Educate the public:

We educate the public about environmental issues and enable Canadians to voice their concerns to government.

2. Research solutions:

We research and generate new ideas that can be applied to solve the climate crisis.

3. Work with government:

We work with governments of all stripes to make positive changes, such as strengthening regulations or laws, developing cleaner energy industries and making the transition towards vehicles and homes that don’t rely on fossil fuels.

4. Act as a watchdog:

We act as a watchdog, providing updates on how Canada or provincial governments are meeting (or failing) international or domestic commitments to reduce carbon emissions.


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