The Problem:

The health of the Great Lakes is in decline. With climate change, plastic pollution, algal blooms and invasive species, the Great Lakes are under greater threat than ever before.

The Solution:

The Ontario government passed the Great Lakes Protection Act in 2015, which established a framework for protecting the lakes. For next steps: We will continue to work with communities and the government to help reduce pollution, meet targets, propose solutions to close funding gaps, and implement existing policy tools to protect Ontario’s water.

Read more about our work with the Great Lakes Protection Act Alliance.

Steps you can take today:

Sign our petition to let the provincial and federal governments know that you want action on algal blooms.

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Use a refillable water bottle and reduce plastic waste.

Use rain gardens, rain barrels, and more permeable surfaces to allow water to soak slowly into the ground instead of washing directly into storm sewers and waterways.

Watch what fertilizers and pesticides you put on your lawn or garden as they can wash into our lakes and rivers.

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