New report reveals top Canadian retailers are falling behind U.S. companies in making major progress on chemical safety

Nov 19, 2019

Metro, Sobeys, and Tim Hortons receive an F grade for failing to take action on toxic chemicals Toronto, Ont. — A new report reveals…Read More

Ontario must reverse course on Pesticides Regulation changes to protect pollinators

Nov 14, 2019

Fine print in regulatory proposals flowing from Bill 132 removes accountability mechanisms, invites over-use of bee-killing neonic pesticides TORONTO — Regulatory changes proposed in…Read More

Latest Government Biomonitoring Report on Chemical Exposures Underlines the Urgent Need for a Stronger Toxics Law

Nov 13, 2019

Statement by Muhannad Malas, Toxics Program Manager Toronto, Ont. –The findings of Health Canada’s Fifth Report on Human Biomonitoring of Environmental Chemicals in Canada,…Read More

Ontario Government bows to the aggregate industry, moves to block municipal efforts to protect groundwater

Nov 12, 2019

Groups say the Ontario Government is putting the aggregate industry ahead of people. The province needs to go back to the drawing table, and…Read More

Ontario is making it cheaper and easier for industries to pollute our waters

Nov 07, 2019

Last week, the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks Hon. Jeff Yurek held a media conference. He claimed that changes proposed in the…Read More

Statement by Programs Director Keith Brooks on how changes to administrative monetary penalties will make it cheaper for Ontario industries to pollute

Oct 31, 2019

Despite the claim by Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, that proposed changes to administrative monetary penalties will hold polluters accountable,…Read More

Toxic TV Binge: Hazardous flame retardant chemicals found in Best Buy and Amazon TVs

Oct 24, 2019

Toxic TV Binge: Hazardous flame retardant chemicals found in Best Buy and Amazon TVs Toxic flame retardants leaching from TVs into living rooms across…Read More

Statement from Executive Director Tim Gray on the 2019 Federal Election results

Oct 22, 2019

This election was essentially a referendum on climate change action, and Canadians voted a strong “yes!” Although a majority of Canadians didn’t vote for…Read More

Environmental groups go to court to defend Canadians’ rights to transparent investigation in the Volkswagen diesel scandal

Oct 21, 2019

  Ottawa, Ont. – Ecojustice is in court today on behalf of staff from Environmental Defence to demand that Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)…Read More

New online reference for facts about Canadian oil and climate change launched

Oct 17, 2019

The website will provide facts about the impact of oil on our economy, environment and more Ottawa, ONT.  – Today, Environmental Defence launched…Read More