Environmental groups pleased Volkswagen prosecuted despite lack of appropriate fine

Jan 24, 2020

Sustained legal campaign by Environmental Defence and Ecojustice crucial to prosecution Toronto, Ont. – Environmental groups Ecojustice and Environmental Defence welcome the federal government’s…Read More

New online initiative shames companies for their poor efforts to reduce single-use plastics

Jan 15, 2020

Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Snapple, Loblaws, and Booster Juice are the first seven companies to be featured on the Plastic Wall of Shame…Read More

New Toxic Ten Guide of top chemicals for Canadians to avoid in skincare products

Jan 09, 2020

  Toronto, Ont. – Today, Environmental Defence launched its new Toxic Ten Skincare Guide to help Canadians make safer and more informed choices when…Read More

Statement by Sarah Buchanan, Clean Economy Program Manager, on the cancellation of the Hamilton LRT

Dec 16, 2019

Toronto, Ont. – Today, Hamilton residents learned that instead of getting desperately needed clean, comfortable rapid public transit, their long awaited LRT project’s funding…Read More

Statement from Tim Gray on the Release of the Federal Ministers’ Mandate Letters

Dec 13, 2019

We would like to congratulate the Prime Minister on the release of comprehensive Cabinet Minister mandate letters that reflect the commitments made during the…Read More

Federal Government lays charges against Volkswagen for its diesel emissions scandal four years after Dieselgate

Dec 09, 2019

ECOJUSTICE AND ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE Federal Government lays charges against Volkswagen for its diesel emissions scandal four years after Dieselgate Toronto, Ont. – Today, the…Read More

Statement from Sarah Buchanan, Clean Economy Program Manager, on the Auditor General’s Annual Report which slams Ontario’s climate change plan

Dec 04, 2019

The Auditor General’s Annual Report, released today, confirms that Ontario’s climate change plan falls apart under serious scrutiny. There is no credible evidence to…Read More

Media Advisory: Experts Available to Comment from the UN Climate Negotiations

Dec 03, 2019

Madrid, Spain & Ottawa, Ont  – From Tuesday, December 3 until Friday, December 13, policy experts from Environmental Defence will be attending the United…Read More

Environmental Defence spokespeople available to speak about the environmentally damaging elements of Ontario Bill 132

Nov 25, 2019

Toronto, Ont. – This morning, Environmental Defence will present its objections to Bill 132 to the Standing Committee on General Government. Environmental Defence will…Read More

New report reveals top Canadian retailers are falling behind U.S. companies in making major progress on chemical safety

Nov 19, 2019

Metro, Sobeys, and Tim Hortons receive an F grade for failing to take action on toxic chemicals Toronto, Ont. — A new report reveals…Read More