• Engaged tens of thousands to take personal climate action
  • Stopped Highway 413 from being built in the Greenbelt
  • Secured new Federal rules to reduce climate destroying methane
  • Gained recommitment of the Federal government to create a new law to protect Canada’s charities
  • Obtained the support of over 40 organizations towards a goal of having zero plastic waste in the environment by 2025
  • Opened a new office in Alberta to advance our work on building a clean economy
  • Convinced major retailers like Canadian Tire to stop selling deadly paint strippers
  • Obtained a new promise from federal government to modernize toxics laws
  • Raised the Blue Flag at new beaches and marinas
  • Replaced the Ontario Municipal Board with a citizen appeal body that can’t undermine municipal government decisions that protect the environment

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Our 2019 Wish List!

  • Deposit return program for all plastic beverage bottles sold in Ontario
  • A meaningful nation-wide plastic waste reduction strategy
  • Action to phase out fossil fuel subsidies
  • Federal climate plan is successful
  • New rules that allow charities to fully participate in public policy
  • Protect the Greenbelt
  • A new, stronger toxics law
  • Retailer action on toxic chemicals
  • Strong Alberta and B.C. methane pollution rules
  • Bans on plastics that can’t be recycled
  • Blue Flag program expanded to key beaches and marinas
  • A strong climate plan for Ontario is developed
  • Action on phosphorus pollution in the Great Lakes