Call Premier Ford or Environment Minister Yurek and tell them you object to schedule 6 in Bill 229.

Conservation Authorities keep our environment safe. Now the Ontario Government is gutting them.

The Ontario government’s all-out attack on Ontario’s protected forests and wetlands has now passed. Call now to register your objection.

Hidden in their latest budget Bill is a clause that will take away any control over the protection of our precious wetlands, forests, wildlife habitat and natural spaces from Conservation Authorities, and give huge new powers to developers to push through destructive projects.

Worse, by sneaking through these changes buried in a budget bill, the government is avoiding public consultation that is normally required on laws that impact the environment.

And now, they’ve twisted the knife by adding new amendments which will actually force Conservation Authorities to issue permits for the destruction of conservation areas when the government issues a Minister’s Zoning Order.

That’s why we need you to call Premier Ford or his Environment Minister, Jeff Yurek, and tell them that you object to schedule 6 in Bill 229, which guts Conservation Authorities.

Conservation Authorities are a vital line of defence for the natural spaces that mitigate flood risk, provide precious land for hiking, fishing and escape into nature and provide essential habitat for the many species of wildlife,  including endangered species that call Ontario home. If we lose these spaces, we can’t get them back.

Key talking points for your call:

1. Introduce yourself (let them know that you are a constituent).
2. Explain that you object to Schedule 6 in Bill 229 (Ontario budget bill).
3. Tell them Schedule 6 only benefits developers.
4. Explain why protecting Ontario’s wetlands and forests are important to you and your community.
5. Thank them, and remember to leave your contact information and request they return your call. You will most likely just be leaving a message, so asking to speak to someone in person is very powerful.