Say no to history's largest tar sands mine

Mining giant Teck Resources Ltd. wants to dig a huge new tar sands project, the Frontier Mine, which would cover an area twice the size of Vancouver. This megaproject would impact Indigenous communities, derail Canada’s ability to meet our climate targets, and destroy the habitats critical to species at risk of extinction. All for the sake of the pocketbooks of a small number of corporate executives.

A few key players in the federal government are the only thing standing in its way. One of these individuals is Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs. Her important position means she will play a major role in deciding whether or not the project is approved.

Call Minister Freeland at the Privy Council office to demand that the federal government reject the Teck Frontier Mine – and to instead keep their promise to be climate leaders, and choose the health of Canada’s environment, wildlife, and Indigenous Peoples over yet another destructive tar sands project.

Please note that your call will be directed to the Privy Council voicemail system, but rest assured your message will reach Minister Freeland.

Key Talking Points:

  • Introduce yourself (feel free to identify yourself as a Canadian, concerned citizen, etc.).
  • Ask that Minister Freeland say no to the Teck Frontier Mine.
  • The mine would sit 17km away from an Indigenous settlement and would put nearby Indigenous communities at risk of spills, leaks and other accidents.
  • The project would devastate 29,000 hectares of land, including wetlands, and old-growth boreal forest.
  • The mine would impact the habitats of the last free-roaming herds of Wood Bison, the Whooping Crane, and over one million migratory birds.
  • If constructed, the Teck Frontier mine would generate the same amount of emissions as a million passenger cars every year during its 41 year life span- making it nearly impossible to achieve Canada’s climate targets.
  • Thank them and ask that Minister Freeland uphold the federal government’s commitment to climate action.