The Problem:

There is no way for Canadians to know what toxic chemicals are in the products they buy. Right now, companies don’t have to put all their ingredients on their product labels. This makes it hard for consumers to avoid nasty chemicals because they don’t know what’s in the products on store shelves.

The Solution:

We’re working to improve labelling laws in Canada, including full ingredient disclosure, so Canadians can make informed choices and protect their health. In Ontario, we’re working to get a warning label system in place, similar to rules in California and the European Union, which would let consumers know if a product contains chemicals linked to cancer or reproductive health issues.

What you can do:

Let’s make stronger labelling rules that include full product ingredient disclosure and easy-to-understand health warning labels a reality. It’s a small change that would have a big impact on Canadians’ health.

1. Take Action:

Sign our petition asking Ontario to put in place new regulations to label products containing chemicals linked to cancer or reproductive health problems.

Take Action

2. Read The Report:

For our report ‘Full Disclosure: The case for stronger household product labels’, we found broad support for full disclosure ingredient labels and warning symbols among interviewed Canadian consumers. Our policy comparison shows that Canada has fallen behind the European Union and California when it comes to product labelling rules.

Read the Report

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