Looking for a fun way to support the environment?

Through ECHOAge you can make any party – Birthday, Graduation, Retirement and more – into a celebration with charitable benefits.

How does it work? Party guests provide a donation instead of gifts. Half goes towards a meaningful gift for the person being celebrated, and the other half goes to Environmental Defence as a donation.

It’s Easy:

  • Step 1: Register on ECHOage.com and choose a party invitation and Environmental Defence as your charity.
  • Step 2: Guests RSVP and donate online instead of bringing a gift, while you watch the giving grow on your ECHOage Tracker.
  • Step 3: When your party is over, you’ll receive half the funds in the mail from ECHOage to purchase one meaningful gift for yourself or your child and the other half will go towards important Environmental Defence campaigns.

Simple for guests, meaningful and fun for everyone! Now that’s something to celebrate.

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Photo credit: Pedro Diniz