Why Choose Solar?

Solar is now the cheapest and cleanest source of electricity in the world, and the price keeps dropping each day. Soaring demand is fueling unprecedented innovation as more people choose renewable solar power over polluting fossil fuels.

There are many ways to use solar energy. Installing solar panels on your roof allows you to generate your own electricity and lower utility bills. Solar power can be fed into the grid to generate revenue when you’re not home. And, combining solar with battery storage systems allows you to store energy so you can use it when the sun isn’t shining.

No roof? No problem. You can join a community of other solar users to create a shared “solar garden” of panels used to generate clean electricity for homes and small businesses, or invest in a commercial-scale solar energy installation here in Ontario.

Choosing solar is a great way to become more energy independent, and participate in a booming clean economy.  Solar will power the cities of tomorrow. It can help power your home today.