Canada could be a climate leader
but we aren't

9 out of 10 Canadians think we’re climate leaders. But Canada still hasn’t turned its good words into actual emissions reductions. And that’s the bottom line: we need to stop putting carbon into the atmosphere, and we’re running out of time.


It doesn’t have to be this way. We have the technology, the opportunities and the people - we just need to get to work.



Rising Emissions

Canada is the only G7 country whose emissions have risen since signing the Paris Climate Agreement. (Read more)


Huge public financial support for fossil fuels

Canada has the 2nd highest level of subsidies and support for oil and gas in the G20 - and the highest on a per-person basis. (Read more)


Expanding oil and gas production

With current expansion plans, Canada would be producing more oil and gas in 2050 than we do today.  (Read more)


Falling behind on global contributions

Over the next 5 years, Canada will give only 25% of our fair share to support developing countries deal with the impacts of climate change, and support a global transition. (Read more)

Canada must do better
and we can

It can be hard to see beyond how we currently do things - oil for our cars, gas for home heating - but changes towards cleaner, healthier energy are happening all across Canada. And these changes are not just good for the climate, they have other benefits too.

Here's how we can get there


Electrify everything

Quebec will ban the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035, one more step towards making zero-emission vehicles the norm. (Read more.)


Ramp up renewables

Wind capacity in Saskatchewan is set to triple in the next three years, and double in Alberta. (Read more) In 2020, solar power became the cheapest energy in history. (Read more)  Across Canada, Indigenous communities have been significantly involved in over 197 clean energy projects. (Read more.)


Efficiency wherever we can

Putting energy efficiency first could account for 40% of Canada's energy needs by 2050. (Read more)

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Phase out fossils

With a 20 year plan to phase out oil and gas, we’d need to find the same number of new jobs every year that Canada’s economy creates every 5 days. (Learn more)


Share this page! If more people are equipped with the knowledge of Canada’s true climate performance, and the steps we can take to get on track, we have a much better chance of becoming the climate leader we want to be.

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