Canada’s only regulations to reduce GHGs from the oil and gas sector are in jeopardy – we need to make sure they stick!

Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan released methane regulations that are significantly weaker than the federal standard and won’t come anywhere near the same level of reductions. This is a waste of one of the highest-value, lowest-cost opportunities to deliver significant progress towards Canada’s climate goals.

We need to ensure that Canada’s strong methane rules aren’t undercut by weaker provincial standards – let’s ask our federal government to stand strong and refuse to let any province undermine their achievement.

Talking points for your call:

  1. Introduce yourself (let them know that you live in their riding).
  2. Explain why climate action is important to you. Consider sharing your fears, hopes, vision for a climate-stable future and/or the opportunities you see from taking climate action.
  3. Thank them for showing leadership by creating strong federal regulations to reduce the methane emitted by the oil and gas sector. It is important to me that Canada has taken this big step forward on climate change.
  4. Now the provinces have to do their part, and the regulations released by AB, BC and SK are not up to the standard the federal government set.
  5. Please ensure that this step forward isn’t undercut by weaker provincial standards.
  6. Make sure that federal rules apply unitl the provinces improve their rules so they are as strong as or stronger than the federal ones.
  7. Thank you for taking strong action on methane emissions. Don’t back down now