The Problem:

The old thinking of the environment versus the economy is out of date. Today we know that acting on climate change can bring many benefits to our economy, our health and quality of life. Closing coal plants in Ontario has meant cleaner air and healthier lungs. Increasing wind and solar power in the province has created thousands of jobs and B.C.’s carbon tax is reducing emissions without hurting the economy.

The Solutions:

1. Transition to 100% Renewable Energy:

Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act was a boon for the province which leads Canada in renewable energy investment, deployment and employment. Now it’s time for the next step – moving the province to 100% clean and sustainable renewable energy.

2. Clean Economy Alliance:

We’re working with the Clean Economy Alliance, which comprises over 90 businesses, labour groups, health and environmental groups, who support climate action in Ontario.

3. Blue Green Canada:

Working with our allies in Blue Green Canada to build support for a plan to cut emissions and create jobs in Canada.

4. Encouraging the transformation:

We’re helping Ontario navigate the economic transformation to a low-carbon economy. We’re engaging in the design and implementation of Ontario’s plan to put a price on carbon through a cap-and-trade system, and supporting complementary efforts to reduce emissions from transportation, buildings and industry.

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