Jul 23, 2024

Why did the Pathways Alliance scrub its website? New Greenwashing Rules Explained

There’s a lot of buzz right now about new rules that crack down on greenwashing – and the backlash from oil and gas companies….Read More

Jul 23, 2024 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Wetlands — what are they good for? (mitigating flooding)

Last week, Toronto experienced another “100 year storm” just 11 years after the previous one in 2013. The city saw some of the worst…Read More

Jul 19, 2024 / Plastic Pollution

Observations of an Amateur Beach Litter Picker

This is a guest blog by Lynn Tremain, a retired elementary school teacher who lives in Ontario. Her love of nature has been nurtured…Read More

Jul 17, 2024 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Another Year, Another Toxic Algal Bloom in Lake Erie

For over a decade, Lake Erie has been experiencing annual toxic algal blooms. Algal blooms happen when algae grows out of control, clogging water…Read More

Jul 15, 2024

The Federal Government Abandons a Crucial Climate Responsibility

It has been a while since we’ve written about the Impact Assessment Act (IAA). It’s time for an update. Last month, the federal government…Read More

Jul 12, 2024 / Plastic Pollution

Buying Groceries without Garbage Packaging Is Possible — And Should Be Much More Available!

This Plastic Free July, we are turning our sights on Canada’s grocery stores — one of the major drivers of Canada’s plastic packaging waste….Read More

Jul 05, 2024 / Climate Change

Dave McKay: Mr. Money Bags

There’s a direct line of culpability between fossil fuel corporations and climate change – it’s why so many oil and gas CEOs have topped…Read More

Jul 05, 2024 / Plastic Pollution

When Will Grocery Stores Finally Clean up Their Act When It Comes to Plastics?

Throwaway grocery checkout bags are mostly a thing of the past. That’s thanks to a federal ban that has succeeded in getting rid of…Read More

Jun 27, 2024 / Protecting Ontario’s environment / Yours To Protect

The Grimsby Greenbelt Gamble

This is a guest blog by Annette Gibbons, lead member of the Grimsby Environmental Network. One of the main purposes of the Greenbelt Act…Read More

Jun 19, 2024 / Climate Change

Climate Villains Called to Testify on Parliament Hill: 5 Things we Learned from MPs questioning Big Oil

Recently, CEOs from five of the biggest oil and gas companies in Canada were called to parliament to testify about their failure to bring…Read More