Safeguarding Freshwater / Oct 18, 2019

Victory! Town of South Bruce Peninsula found guilty of destroying endangered piping plover habitat

At Sauble Beach, a popular Ontario beach destination, a critically endangered bird is struggling to survive.  For thirty years, the piping plover had disappeared…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Oct 02, 2019

Blue-green algae in the Thames River shows need for swift Canadian action on phosphorus pollution

Last week, residents in Chatham, Ont. noticed the river running through their town had turned green. Several kilometres of the Thames River were covered…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Sep 24, 2019

How the latest science could help us save Lake Erie

Warning: nerdy blog ahead.  Last week, I traveled to Toledo, Ohio—the belly of the beast in terms of Lake Erie’s harmful and toxic algae…Read More

Blue Flag / Safeguarding Freshwater / Aug 19, 2019

#WeAreLakeErie - are you? Share your story on August 28th and you could win a cool Lake Erie T!

Science writer Loren Eiseley once said “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”. In a purely scientific light, water…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 12, 2019

The Great Lakes face more threats every day, and a federal-Ontario plan to save them looks the other way

The Great Lakes are the most epic, majestic, and awe-inspiring bodies of freshwater on the planet. But you don’t have to take my word…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 11, 2019

Lake Erie’s algae is back with a vengeance: significant algae bloom expected this season

As we enter the best days of summer, it’s time to plan a canoeing adventure, fishing trip or birding expedition. This is the type…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jun 05, 2019

Ontario's Endangered Species Act is being dismantled, even if the government would like you to believe otherwise.

These are trying times for our most vulnerable plants and animals in Ontario. New reports show that humans are destroying the planet’s biodiversity so…Read More

Blue Flag / May 15, 2019

Record number of Blue Flags flying across Canada - time to plan that summer vacay!

With longer days and warmer weather on the way, Canadians are daydreaming about the day when you can finally dip your toe back into…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Apr 26, 2019

The Ontario government just proposed gutting the Endangered Species Act. Here’s what you need to know:

In February, we raised the alarm that the Endangered Species Act (ESA) appeared to be the next environmental law in the Ontario government’s anti-environmental…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Apr 18, 2019

Toledo, Ohio voted to give Lake Erie personhood and legal rights. What have we done for our Lake lately?

In February voters in Toledo, Ohio went to the polls, this time with a special referendum on the ballot: whether or not to give…Read More