Feb 29, 2024 / Climate Change

The truth behind the numbers: What is Premier Smith hiding?

Last month, the Government of Alberta publicly responded to the federal government’s framework on the oil and gas emissions cap. The response from Premier…Read More

Feb 13, 2024 / Climate Change

Couples therapy - let’s fix our relationship with the financial sector

Roses are red, violets are blue. I love climate-aligned financial regulations, and you should too. You have a relationship with your bank and pension,…Read More

Feb 08, 2024 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Protecting Lake Erie From Summertime Algae Blooms Is a Year-Round Effort

This past summer, a “moderately” severe algae bloom grew in beloved Lake Erie. This unwelcome visitor continues to make yearly toxic appearances in the…Read More

Feb 08, 2024 / Climate Change

A Green Future is an Affordable Future

As a recent graduate, there were countless times as a student when I would lay awake at night stressed about if I was going…Read More

Feb 06, 2024 / Climate Change Ontario

The Ontario Government Should Not Intervene in the OEB Enbridge Rate Decision

In the final days of 2023, the Ontario Energy Board released a decision that is good for the climate and reduces energy costs for…Read More

Feb 02, 2024 / Yours To Protect

We Can’t Afford to Lose Any More Wetlands to Sprawl

Wetlands are essential for the health of Ontario’s environment. They provide habitats for so many species like the Northern Map turtle and Least Bittern,…Read More

Feb 01, 2024 / Plastic Pollution

Burning Garbage Will Not Solve the Plastic Pollution Crisis

You may have heard about a miracle cure for plastic waste that creates green energy in the process—the mystical waste incinerator. It almost sounds…Read More

Feb 01, 2024 / Climate Change

Top Big Oil Lobbyists of November and December 2023

We just got the last of the federal lobby registry reports for 2023, and one thing is clear: Big Oil had an astounding presence…Read More

Jan 30, 2024 / Climate Change Ontario

Five Reasons You Should Switch to a Heat Pump at Home

Maybe you’ve heard about heat pumps but aren’t sure if they are a good fit for you? If it’s time for you to get…Read More

Jan 26, 2024 / Climate Change

Alex Pourbaix: The Big Oil Spindoctor

Alex Pourbaix is the Executive Chairman of Cenovus, one of the largest tar sands companies in Canada. He also co-founded the Pathways Alliance, a…Read More