Climate Change / Oct 10, 2019

The oil lobby is lying. Canadian oil isn’t clean oil

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Climate Change / Sep 24, 2019

What to look for in a strong climate action plan this election

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Climate Change / Aug 15, 2019

We can't "take the carbon out of the barrel"

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Climate Change / Jun 06, 2019

Cleaner, cheaper and growing: renewables are ready. Canadian policy isn’t.

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Climate Change / May 28, 2019

Here’s why politicians secretly meeting with oil lobbyists should make us worry

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Climate Change / May 08, 2019

Will Canada let BC off the hook for methane reductions?

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Climate Change / Feb 21, 2019

Alberta’s phony $80 million lost per day

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Climate Change / Feb 14, 2019

Oil companies don’t care about you or the planet

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Climate Change / Dec 11, 2018

As the climate crisis looms, why does Canadian oil and gas think it can keep expanding?

Expanding oil and gas production is undermining Canada’s ability to be a climate leader. And oil executives are successfully weakening and delaying Canadian climate…Read More

Climate Change / Oct 23, 2018

Canada's carbon tax announcement is a win for the climate: Provinces can’t opt out of saving the planet

  Canada is now one step closer to having polluters across the country pay for their carbon emissions. In the face of opposition from…Read More