Meet our Celebrity Partners

Our Celebrity Partners lend their time, skills, passions and energy to raise awareness about various environmental issues and support the work of Environmental Defence. From actors and musical artists, to television personalities and activists, we’re pleased to count these well-known individuals among our supporters.

Bruce Cockburn
Believing that environmental action is the responsibility of all Canadians, Cockburn used his worldwide success to help share Environmental Defence’s “Kick Out Toxics” message to thousands of Canadians during his recent “Small Source Of Comfort” Tour. Specifically, he helped to raise awareness and funding for Environmental Defence’s campaign to kick out chemicals with links to cancer that are found in many commonly used household products in Canada. He was also the special guest at the 2014 Environmental Defence Gala.

Randy Bachman
This Canadian music legend and CBC Radio Host is spreading the word that “We Gotta Change” and raising awareness about our work to remove cancer-causing chemicals found in many commonly-used household products during his nationwide Vinyl Tap Tour.

Robert Bateman
Robert is an environmentalist, naturalist, and well-known Canadian artist who expresses his passion and dedication to defending our environment through his world-renowned paintings. By donating his art, Robert helps with our fundraising initiatives to create a greener, healthier and prosperous way of life for Canadians.

Erin Brockovich
Erin is an environmental changemaker, who is well-known for her investigation into the exposure of Hinkley, California residents to a toxic chemical in their groundwater. Her investigation led to one of the largest direct action lawsuits in U.S. history. A keynote speaker for our 2013 Annual Gala, she supports our work to help protect the environment for future generations.

Gillian Deacon
Gill is an award-winning broadcaster, bestselling author of There’s Lead in Your Lipstick, and one of Canada’s best-known environmental activists. As a former Just Beautiful Cabinet member, she has been a featured speaker at many of our events including our Eco-Beauty Market in Toronto.

Sarah Harmer
This Canadian singer-songwriter and activist is a long-time supporter of Environmental Defence. A founder of Protecting Escarpment Rural Land (PERL), Sarah worked with PERL and Environmental Defence to protect Burlington’s Mount Nemo from a proposed 26 million tonne quarry. Serving as Co-Chair of our Just Beautiful Campaign, Sarah supported our work to remove harmful ingredients from personal care products. She has also endorsed our Gifts for the Future campaign to inspire Canadians to take action and defend our environment for future generations. Most recently, she has been a community leader in the fight to reject the risky Enbridge Line 9 oil pipeline reversal application. She helped organize the Rock the Line event in North Toronto to help raise awareness about the project.

Kari Matchett
Kari is a Canadian actress in television and film, and served as a Just Beautiful Cabinet member. She publicized our campaign milestones and events to raise awareness about the importance of increasing product labelling transparency, and changing the laws that govern how personal care products are made and sold in Canada.

Jennifer Podemski
Jennifer served as a Just Beautiful Cabinet member, and is a Canadian actress in television and film. She helped raise awareness about our Just Beautiful campaign so Canadians could make informed decisions about the products they use on a daily basis.

Tamara Podemski
As a multi-disciplinary artist and a former Just Beautiful Cabinet member, Tamara helped us reach Canadians to inform them of the harmful chemicals found in their personal care products and the resources available to identify which products are safe.

Sarah Slean
Sarah is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. As a Celebrity Partner, she travelled coast-to-coast with her nationwide Land and Sea Tour, raising awareness about our Just Beautiful campaign and the hormone-disrupting and cancer-causing ingredients found in many commonly-used personal care products.