Muhammad Huzaifa Wahla, Mushin Khan, and Muhammad Umer Gundhra

Seaquam Secondary School (Delta, B.C. )

Humans, with our rose-colored glasses on have become insensitive of the literal mountains of plastics that stand before us. We have constructed a world in which we only see the parts that we want to see, completely ignorant and oblivious to the greater problem—plastic pollution. Our greed has clouded our vision and our desire for money has left us completely unaware of the far more destructive consequences of plastic pollution. Despite the cheap costs of plastic, we have to recognize that this is a non-biodegradable material and as such, it will surely outlive us. The only way to successfully eliminate this problem of plastic pollution is through purchasing only sustainable material. This can be achieved through the government taking a bigger stand against the sale of plastic. Plastic pollution starts and stops with us and we have make sure we refuse harmful, wasteful and threatening plastics from destroying our home.