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Did you know that popular cleaning products are adding to indoor air pollution in Canadian homes?

In a first-of-its-kind study, Environmental Defence tested the impact of cleaning products on indoor air quality. In all 14 studied households, levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) went up during cleaning. VOCs are a group of chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems like asthma and can impact fetal development.

The problem: Lack of clear labelling rules means that consumers don’t know what’s in the cleaning products they buy. At the same time, promised federal regulations for VOC concentration limits in consumer products have been delayed for undisclosed reasons. We need government and industry to clean up their act and make cleaning products safer.

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Demand greater transparency about toxic chemicals in goods and services, including dry cleaning window signs. Easy-to-understand window signs that disclose what dry cleaning chemicals are being used would go a long way.

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Canadians don’t have to risk their health for stain-free clothing. Take a look at our pocket guide on dry cleaning with handy info and tips.

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