Waukesha water diversion decision sets dangerous precedent for the Great Lakes

Jun 23, 2016 by Claire Kealey (Coordinator, Water)

Categories: Great Lakes

On Tuesday, the eight governors of the U.S. Great Lakes states voted unanimously to allow Waukesha, Wisconsin to divert more than 30 million litres of Great…Read More

Why a carbon price alone would not make Ontario’s climate plan work

Jun 20, 2016 by Tim Gray (Executive Director)

Categories: Clean Economy, Climate Change

The Globe and Mail’s June 10th editorial argued that Ontario’s climate strategy should be boiled down to one, and only one, measure: putting a…Read More

The Energy East pipeline’s official review just launched… and the project faces a growing wall of public opposition

Jun 17, 2016 by Patrick DeRochie (Campaign Coordinator, Clean Economy)

Categories: Climate Change, Energy East

Yesterday the National Energy Board (NEB) announced the launch of the official review of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline and tanker terminal project. With…Read More

What a deposit return might look like in Ontario

Jun 17, 2016 by Claire Kealey (Coordinator, Water)

Categories: Great Lakes

In our new campaign, we’re calling on Ontario to introduce a deposit return system for plastic water bottles to increase recycling rates, reduce litter,…Read More

Rouge National Urban Park gets the protection it needs

Jun 15, 2016 by Erin Shapero (Program Manager, Greenbelt and Smart Growth)

Categories: Greenbelt

Rouge Park is Canada’s first National Urban Park and until recently the ecological integrity of the park was not guaranteed. But there’s great news!…Read More

Good news! Toronto dry cleaners could soon be required to publicly disclose which chemicals they use

Jun 09, 2016 by Muhannad Malas (Program Coordinator, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

Toronto’s Board of Health decided that consumers have the right to know what chemicals are used in dry cleaning their clothes. Do you use…Read More

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan paves the way to a low-carbon future

Jun 08, 2016 by Patrick DeRochie (Campaign Coordinator, Clean Economy)

Categories: Clean Economy, Climate Change

Hop on your bike, mount some solar panels on your roof, take a deep breath of (cleaner) air, and get ready for bold climate…Read More

Shocking Report on Chemicals in Products from the Office of the Auditor General

Jun 08, 2016 by Maggie MacDonald (Program Manager, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

If you follow our blogs regularly, you’ll know we’re worried about chemicals in consumer products, including lead in lipstick, and phthalates in deodorant. But…Read More

Antibacterial and Preservative Ingredients in Cosmetics Linked to Premature Birth

Jun 07, 2016 by Muhannad Malas (Program Coordinator, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

Exposure to common antibacterial and preservative ingredients in cosmetics during pregnancy increases chances of premature birth or lower birth weight, study finds. Cosmetics and…Read More

A World in Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

Jun 07, 2016 by Guest Blog ()

Categories: Clean Economy

AGF Investments Guest Blog By Hyewon Kong, Associate Portfolio Manager Hyewon Kong, M.Sc., CFA is an Associate Portfolio Manager at AGF Investments Inc., providing…Read More