As owner of Irving Oil, this multi-billionaire businessman dominates the Maritimes and operates the largest oil refinery in Canada, in Saint John. He comes from an influential and powerful family dynasty that controls much of New Brunswick’s economy. Irving oil has been effective at getting federal and provincial subsidies for years. The family owned an offshore insurance company that allowed them to move millions of dollars in profits out of Canada and into the tax haven of Bermuda. Another member of the Irving Family, Jamie Irving, is executive chairman of the Postmedia newspaper empire, an example of the links between the fossil fuel industry and the media. Irving Oil is attempting to greenwash themselves by investing in a false climate solution: hydrogen fuel, which is mostly made from fossil fuels.


Check out Arthur Irving’s climate villain resume, including how as one of the richest people in Canada, Irving successfully lobbied for loopholes and tax breaks that made him and his family even richer.

Arthur Irving

AKA The East Coast Emperor

Company: CEO Irving Oil

Best Known For: Pretending that hydrogen fuel is a climate solution when it’s actually made from fossil fuels

Kryptonite: Ending Fossil Fuel subsidies

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