Every April, a national jury selects and awards the top entries in the article, photography, and video categories for 11-14 and 15-18 year-olds in the YRE Canada Eco-journalism Competition.

Below are the criteria that the jury uses when evaluating entries in the video category. While these criteria are not mandatory, participants are encouraged to try to meet as many of them as possible while working on their projects.

  1. Local investigation
  • A local environmental problem and/or issue has been indentified
  • The local environmental issue is linked to the bigger global picture
  1. Journalistic Production
  • The piece is original in its scope or style
  • The participant has picked a challenging topic
  • The video clearly explains what the issue is
  • The report/documentary/PSA is not just “problem oriented”. It also outlines a solution
  • The video is impactful and artistically well done
  • The video is well composed and of high quality
  • If there’s any written information on screen, it has been proofread (i.e. there are no spelling or grammar mistakes)

Documentaries and News Reports

  • The piece shows investigative skills
  • Sources of information are cited
  • Interviews were performed
  • Experts on the topic/issue were interviewed

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • The PSA inspires and motivates people to take action
  • The PSA provides viewers with an action to take
  • The PSA includes interesting facts or stats to make its case
  • The facts or stats provided are accurate