Report: Faces of Transformation: Jobs, economic renewal and cleaner air from Year One of Ontario’s Green Energy Act

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Report: Environmental Defence Submission to Environment Canada on Naphthenic Acids in the Tar Sands

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Under the Influence

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Report: Annual Report 2009-2010

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Report: Not so Sexy: The Health Risks of Secret Chemicals in Fragrance, Canadian Edition

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Report: No Silver Lining: An Investigation Into BPA Canned Foods

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Report: Tar Sands: Submission to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation

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Money and Politics in Simcoe County

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Guide: Young Reporters for the Environment Writers Handbook

About The Guide: The Young Reporters for the Environment Photographers Handbook is a 16 page guide to writing environmental stories. Download the report (English)…Read More

Guide: Young Reporters for the Environment Photographers Handbook

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