Make your beach or marina stand out from the rest

The Blue Flag helps visitors identify beaches and marinas that are clean, safe, and sustainability managed. Every year, millions of people around the world seek out the Blue Flag when choosing a beach or marina to visit.

When you fly a Blue Flag at your beach or marina, your entire community benefits from:

  • A boost in tourism and the local economy
  • National and international recognition
  • Positive media relations and marketing
  • Opportunities for partnerships and civic engagement
  • Promotion of recreation and healthy living
  • Improved education about local ecosystems

Take a look at the Blue Flag Criteria to see if your beach or marina could qualify:

Beach Criteria   Marina Criteria

Steps to the Blue Flag Award

Resources & Guides

For more information on keeping our beaches clean and safe, please see the following beach quality guidelines:

Learn how you can fly the Blue Flag

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