Clean Economy / Nov 03, 2014

New scientific report on climate change: Hard to believe it made me feel hopeful

The world’s leading authority on climate change just released its scientific assessment of global climate change. The report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 07, 2014

Environment Commissioner’s report: Canada is failing its own objective to undertake responsible energy development

Today, Canada’s Environment Commissioner released a report that shows that the federal government continues to allow risky and irresponsible energy development at the expense…Read More

Clean Economy / Sep 23, 2014

Canada is bringing a knife to a gun fight on climate change

Today world leaders are meeting in New York to discuss the fight against climate change. Over 120 heads of state have accepted U.N. Secretary…Read More

Clean Economy / Sep 18, 2014

Far from harmonized: Canada fails to match U.S. actions on climate change

Less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama won the presidency back in 2008, several of Prime Minister Harper’s ministers stated that Canada would…Read More

Toxics / Aug 13, 2014

NAFTA takes notice: Canada is ignoring its own environmental laws

How long can an industry and a government completely disregard a nation’s laws that are intended to protect that country’s citizens? That’s the question…Read More