Livable Communities / Oct 09, 2014

2014 Environmental Commissioner Report: Good plans, now let's get moving to protect Ontario's Land and Water

By Susan Swail, Greenbelt Campaigner and Nancy Goucher, Water Campaigner This week’s report from Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner shows that the provincial government is on…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 08, 2014

Line 9 reversal halted due to danger to rivers and lakes

The National Energy Board (NEB) just rejected Enbridge’s request for permission to restart its Line 9 pipeline until further notice. It turns out that…Read More

Toxics / Oct 07, 2014

Will new U.S.-Canadian agreement impact Canadian toxics control?

There are a lot of international trade talks happening these days, and different regulations and how they affect business are a big topic of…Read More

Toxics / Oct 07, 2014

Clorox to pull back the curtain on its scents

Have you ever wondered what makes your dish soap smell like lemons or your moisturizer smell like vanilla? It’s often many things but it’s…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 07, 2014

Environment Commissioner’s report: Canada is failing its own objective to undertake responsible energy development

Today, Canada’s Environment Commissioner released a report that shows that the federal government continues to allow risky and irresponsible energy development at the expense…Read More

Livable Communities / Oct 01, 2014

Ontario’s priorities: Good news for healthy sustainable communities

Last week, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne posted mandate letters online for each Ministry. The letters identify the government’s priorities for the next four years….Read More

Clean Economy / Sep 26, 2014

A Mandate for the Environment

Yesterday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne released her mandate letters. These set priorities for her ministers and ministries as part of her commitment to open…Read More

Toxics / Sep 26, 2014

Asthma and a Common Household Chemical: New Research on Pre-Natal Exposure

Asthma is the most common chronic disease of children in Canada, affecting 12.5 per cent of children. In the past decade, studies have linked…Read More

Toxics / Sep 25, 2014

More proof on the need to extinguish flame retardants

From melting ice caps to loss of habitat, life isn’t easy in the Arctic. And it’s only getting worse thanks to the widespread presence…Read More

Livable Communities / Sep 24, 2014

A highway in Ontario’s Greenbelt? A lose-lose proposal

Ontario’s Greenbelt aims to protect sensitive natural areas and farmland. But Ontario is planning a highway that would cut through the greenbelt and damage…Read More