Livable Communities / May 14, 2015

It’s time the Greater Golden Horseshoe said goodbye to dumb growth

Dumb growth has left us with endless subdivisions, never-ending highways and municipal debts. It has  degraded our water, damaged our health and paved over…Read More

Clean Economy / May 07, 2015

Can the NDP get Alberta off the rollercoaster?

In her historic acceptance speech on Tuesday, Alberta NDP leader and Premier-elect Rachel Notley lamented the boom-and-bust nature of the Alberta economy. She talked…Read More

Toxics / May 05, 2015

Toronto Joins the Chorus: Ban Microbeads!

Today, Toronto’s City Council agreed to support a motion brought forward by Councillor Paul Ainslie urging the provincial and federal governments to ban the…Read More

Clean Economy / Apr 30, 2015

Ontario, Quebec and other provinces should emulate the Golden State

Yesterday California adopted the most ambitious carbon reduction target in North America, aiming to reduce its carbon emissions 40 per cent below 1990 levels…Read More

Clean Economy / Apr 29, 2015

Five things you need to know about cap-and-trade

Now that Ontario has announced it’s going to put a price on carbon by implementing a cap-and-trade program, there have been a lot of…Read More

Clean Economy / Apr 27, 2015

Why Ontario should invest cap-and-trade revenues in efficiency and conservation

Here’s some good news for the climate: The Ontario government announced recently that it’s putting a price on carbon pollution by joining Quebec and…Read More

Clean Economy / Apr 23, 2015

Latest data shows Canada’s carbon pollution still on the rise

When documents are quietly posted on government websites late on a Friday afternoon with no press release, it’s rarely good news. And late last…Read More

Clean Economy / Apr 22, 2015

Energy East would ship oil through Eastern Canada – not to it

TransCanada has spent millions on advertising, desperately trying to convince Canadians that Energy East is about getting oil from Western Canada to eastern Canadians….Read More

Pledging to do more this Earth Day and beyond

Happy Earth Day! Forty-five years ago today the first Earth Day was held in the United States. Driven by a growing awareness of the…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Apr 21, 2015

Time for Ontario to pass the Great Lakes Protection Act

The protection and restoration of the Great Lakes needs to be a top priority for the province. That’s why a group of forty tourist,…Read More