Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 13, 2017

How to reduce your home carbon footprint and stop money from flying out the window

  Now that winter is here, are you feeling the drafts whistling through your doors and windows? You can do more than throw on…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 07, 2017

Ontario’s carbon market holds strong in uncertain times

  Adding to three consecutive cap-and-trade auctions that sold out this year and raised $1.5 billion in revenue for climate action, Ontario’s carbon market…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 30, 2017

Six things you need to know about electric cars in Canada: Your questions answered

Electric cars, or EVs, are a fast-growing alternative to the gas-guzzling vehicles that 99% of the world’s drivers still use. While they’re very exciting,…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 01, 2017

How electric vehicles can save lives and make you look cooler

  The City of Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health recently sounded the alarm on traffic-related air pollution (TRAP), and proposed a set of sweeping…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Sep 28, 2017

Never heard of Ontario’s Building Code? It’s not as boring as you’d think

Imagine you’re at a dinner party, and the friend you brought along starts into a story with the phrase “So they’re proposing some changes…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Sep 25, 2017

Joining the Carbon Club: Ontario enters North America’s largest carbon market

  It’s official. Ontario has now joined California and Quebec as a fellow “insurgent force” in the global fight against climate change. With Ontario…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Sep 14, 2017

Another strong Ontario cap-and-trade auction means $525 million more for green investments

  Ontario’s third cap-and-trade auction just sold out, raising another $525 million for climate action. Previous auctions in April and June have already raised…Read More