Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 13, 2017

Summer forecast for Lake Erie: the nasty algae monster is back

Sunny, sweaty summer days have us dreaming about long walks on the beach, and sunset paddles along sparkling rivers and lakes. But an expected…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / Jun 01, 2017

Debunking the beverage industry’s deposit return claims: part 2

Yesterday, we posted the first part of our response to the Canadian Beverage Association’s claims saying that a deposit return program for plastic bottles…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / May 31, 2017

Debunking the beverage industry’s deposit return claims: part 1

A few weeks ago, The Hamilton Spectator published an opinion piece of ours. In the piece, we wrote about the need for increased funding to help…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Mar 15, 2017

Cutting U.S. Great Lakes funding won’t make the lakes great again

This week, advocates for the Great Lakes are gathering in Washington to educate legislators about the benefits of Great Lakes programs. Although this is…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / Feb 28, 2017

Coca-Cola backs Scottish deposit return on plastic bottles. Will it do the same in Ontario?

That’s the question after the beverage company recently announced its support for a deposit return program in Scotland. The Association for the Protection of…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jan 18, 2017

Higher fees for water bottlers: a good step, but more is needed

Last fall, the bottled water industry in Ontario came under fire, in part because of the outrageously low fees they pay to extract the province’s…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / Jan 06, 2017

10,000 (tonne) reasons why Ontario needs a deposit on plastic bottles

How much plastic pollution do you think is in the Great Lakes? The numbers may shock you. Nearly 80 per cent of the litter…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Dec 02, 2016

Ontario says “NO” to water bottling giant

Today the Ontario government denied Nestlé’s request to test the water at their newly purchased Middlebrook well in the township of Centre Wellington. Earlier…Read More

Blue Flag / Safeguarding Freshwater / Nov 04, 2016

Environmental Victories: Safeguarding Canada’s Freshwater

With winter nearing, it’s a good time to look back at what we’ve achieved together this past year. And what a busy year it’s…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Oct 20, 2016

More than a drop in the bucket: Ontario proposes new rules for water bottlers

Over the past couple of months, the bottled water industry in Ontario has been under fire. This week, the government announced it is taking…Read More