Apr 15, 2021 / Climate Change

Paying Polluters: How much Canada gave in federal financial support for oil and gas in 2020

A new report released today by Environmental Defence – Paying Polluters: Federal Financial Support to Oil and Gas in 2020 – reveals that despite…Read More

Apr 14, 2021 / Toxics

VICTORY: Stronger protections from toxic chemicals are finally coming

After many years of pushing for stronger protections from pollution and toxic chemicals in consumer products, Environmental Defence’s work has paid off and the…Read More

Apr 12, 2021 / Yours To Protect

Say NO to another hole in the Niagara Escarpment!

The Niagara Escarpment, that cliff-like face that runs through Ontario from Niagara Falls up through the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island, is one of…Read More

Apr 12, 2021 / Guest / Yours To Protect

What We Discovered Biking the Proposed Route of Highway 413

This is a guest blog by Anne Purvis On Easter Sunday, my daughter Frances, and her husband Kristen, and my husband Jim, and I…Read More

Apr 08, 2021 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

Here's 4 ways Canada can step it up on climate leadership

Over the last five years, the Canadian government has released two climate change plans and made important climate commitments. And yet action has repeatedly…Read More

Mar 30, 2021 / Toxics

Canadian companies failing in the race to eliminate toxic chemicals from their products

Key findings from the fifth annual Who’s Minding the Store? retailer report card With governments moving too slowly to ban toxic chemicals from consumer…Read More

Mar 26, 2021 / Climate Change

A big victory on climate – but we’re far from done

This week, Canadians won an important victory on the climate front when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the federal government and affirmed…Read More

Mar 26, 2021 / Yours To Protect

Take the Initiative in the Fight Against Sprawl MZOs with our Template Resolution

From Ramara to Stratford and King Township, ordinary Ontarians and a growing number of municipal leaders are pushing back against the abuse of MZOs….Read More

Mar 17, 2021 / Plastic Pollution

Canada’s plastic pollution crisis: What’s real vs. what Dow Chemical says

The plastics industry is ramping up its public relations efforts to convince Ottawa, and all of us, that the federal plan on managing plastic…Read More

Mar 12, 2021 / Climate Change

Without a climate change test, Canada is heading towards climate failure

We know we need to leave fossil fuels in the ground.  The United Nations Environment Program made it clear in its Production Gap report…Read More