Feb 16, 2021 / Toxics

These three bills can put Canada on the right track to dismantle environmental racism

Escaping toxic pollution is a privilege inaccessible to many Indigenous, Black and racialized communities in Canada. With the new Biden administration making environmental justice…Read More

Feb 08, 2021 / Yours To Protect

Why we are going to Court to save the Lower Duffins Creek Wetland

Wetlands are key to reducing the impacts of floods and droughts. They also clean our water, offer homes and food for wildlife and provide…Read More

Feb 04, 2021 / Climate Change

US, UK and EU leadership pressures Canada to end fossil finance

If Canada doesn’t stop funding fossils, the public will be stuck holding the bag. Last week, among the climate promises made by the Biden-Harris…Read More

Feb 03, 2021 / Climate Change / Yours To Protect

The federal government needs to stop Ontario from fast-tracking two GTA mega-highways

The Ontario government is trying to bring two massive 400-series highway projects back from the dead in the GTA. To add insult to injury,…Read More

Feb 01, 2021 / Climate Change

Will President Biden’s promises to end fossil fuel subsidies be the kick in the pants that Canadian governments need?

When a decade of inaction starts to catch up It has just been over a week since President Biden’s inauguration – and he has…Read More

Jan 28, 2021 / Climate Change

Alberta’s actions to silence critics of the oil industry are just like those used by Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and others. It needs to stop.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s inquiry into “anti-Alberta energy campaigns” is widely agreed to be a farce. But we shouldn’t forget or overlook the fact…Read More

Jan 26, 2021 / Climate Change / Transition

Without a transition plan, Canada is just letting oil and gas workers fend for themselves

Last week’s decision by President Biden to kill the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all raises important questions about whether and how Canada…Read More

Jan 26, 2021 / Toxics

Loblaw joins Costco Canada in banning toxic BPA and BPS on receipts

Cashiers and retail workers have a challenging and critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic: while many of us are staying home, they put their…Read More

Dec 24, 2020 / Movement Building

Will 2021 be a good year for the environment? Here are our top 10 predictions

2020 was a big year for environmental news. Here’s a quick recap: In a word:” COVID”. The pandemic and its lockdowns caused rapid change….Read More

Dec 21, 2020 / Yours To Protect

King Township rejects a "Trojan Horse" request for a Minster's Zoning Order to allow development in the Greenbelt

On Monday Dec 14, 2020, by a margin of six votes to one, King Township Council refused to endorse a “trojan horse” request for…Read More