Climate Change / Oct 10, 2019

Ontario has walked away from their climate change promises so far

Ontario has walked away from their climate change promises so far.  Can they get back on track? On September 27th, an estimated million Canadians…Read More

Climate Change / Oct 07, 2019

Dear Party Leaders, It's time to put Canadians ahead of the oil lobby

(Pour la version française, cliquez ici pour télécharger le PDF.) Dear Federal Party Leaders, I urge you as leaders of Canada’s federal political parties…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Oct 04, 2019

How Toronto’s plan to reduce single-use plastic items can be a game changer

Single-use plastic takeaway items such as bags, coffee cups, and Stryofoam have received a lot of criticism in the media lately. And rightfully so….Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Oct 02, 2019

Blue-green algae in the Thames River shows need for swift Canadian action on phosphorus pollution

Last week, residents in Chatham, Ont. noticed the river running through their town had turned green. Several kilometres of the Thames River were covered…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Oct 02, 2019

Eight ways the Ontario government can reduce plastic waste

When it comes to stopping plastic pollution, there’s so much onus on consumers to change their habits. But did you know that the best…Read More

Climate Change / Sep 26, 2019

Greening City Roofs Can Help Fight Climate Change - Here's Five Reasons Why

From City Hall to Carrot Commons to libraries, TTC buildings and everywhere in between, Toronto hosts over 600 green roofs within the city. “Green…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Sep 24, 2019

How the latest science could help us save Lake Erie

Warning: nerdy blog ahead.  Last week, I traveled to Toledo, Ohio—the belly of the beast in terms of Lake Erie’s harmful and toxic algae…Read More

Climate Change / Sep 24, 2019

What to look for in a strong climate action plan this election

Because climate change is an important issue for Canadians in this election, there has been quite a lot of discussion about what parties need…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Sep 17, 2019

Everything you want to know about proposed changes to Ontario’s Blue Box

Last month, Ontario’s Minister of the Environment announced that changes will be made to the Blue Box starting in 2023 . We applauded this…Read More

Climate Change / Sep 16, 2019

Why the upcoming federal election is the most important one in my - and your - life

The upcoming federal election is the most important in my life so far. It’s the most important one in your life too. Find out…Read More