Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 10, 2015

Why we supported Alberta’s historic climate plan

As the world’s leaders attempt to hammer out a strong climate agreement in Paris, it’s a good time to reflect on recent provincial climate…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 07, 2015

100% Possible March for Our Climate: 100% Successful

Climate change might not be top of everyone’s mind on a frosty Sunday morning, but it was for thousands of Canadians on November 29th –…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 02, 2015

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Paris speech presents a new Canadian approach to climate change

For the first time in awhile, a Canadian Prime Minister is highlighting the problem of doing too little to combat climate change rather than…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 30, 2015

Ontario’s climate strategy takes shape: Part 1- cap-and-trade

Last week, Ontario unveiled some of its thinking on the upcoming cap-and-trade program, a key component of the province’s climate change strategy. And on…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 26, 2015

Canada can help make the Paris climate agreement a strong one

There’s a lot of hope for the U.N. climate change summit starting next week. And Canada can play an important role in helping to…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 22, 2015

Alberta’s Climate Plan: Game Changed

Ever have one of those days when all the assumptions you had about an issue turned upside down? Today is one of those days….Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 06, 2015

Ontario’s $2 Billion Question

Ontario has announced it is bringing in a cap-and-trade system as part of its climate strategy. Cap-and-trade is one of the main ways governments…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Oct 15, 2015

Getting Cap-and-Trade Right in Ontario

This fall Ontario is expected to release more details of its plan to cut carbon emissions. The plan’s centrepiece is a cap-and-trade system, which…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Aug 27, 2015

Solutions for Ontario’s Climate Challenge

Ontario is currently developing a climate strategy. The centrepiece of that strategy, the cap-and-trade program, has received a great deal of attention, and for…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / May 25, 2015

De-carbonising Ontario’s electricity sector

We’ve written a lot lately about actions that would help Ontario meet its 2020 carbon reduction targets, from following a sector-by-sector roadmap to reducing…Read More