Dec 19, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

New Canada-Ontario Agreement sets next stage of Great Lakes protection

Today, the Ontario and federal governments signed a new Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting the Great Lakes Basin System. This agreement is an important mechanism for…Read More

Dec 09, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Auditor General: Drinking water protection work needs expediting

It’s been 14 years since the Walkerton water crisis when people across the province learned they couldn’t take for granted the systems and people…Read More

Dec 08, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Five things you may not know about farms and water

Ontario’s agricultural sector contributes to a vibrant food system and prosperous economy that nourishes our communities and promotes health and well-being for everyone. Unfortunately,…Read More

Dec 03, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Cheers! Ontario takes action to limit water transfers within the Great Lakes basin

By Anastasia Lintner, Lintner Law and Nancy Goucher, Environmental Defence Last Thursday, the Government of Ontario filed a new regulation that, commencing on January…Read More

Nov 19, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

World Toilet Day: The "Flushable" Wipes Fight

By Frances Anne Côté of Iroquois Falls, Northeastern Ontario Frances Anne emailed Environmental Defence a month or so ago to share her concern about…Read More

Nov 05, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Ontario introduces stronger protection against invasive species

Anyone who’s grown up around the Great Lakes knows the impact invasive species like Purple Loosetrife, the Zebra Mussel, and the Sea Lamprey have…Read More

Oct 09, 2014 / Livable Communities

2014 Environmental Commissioner Report: Good plans, now let's get moving to protect Ontario's Land and Water

By Susan Swail, Greenbelt Campaigner and Nancy Goucher, Water Campaigner This week’s report from Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner shows that the provincial government is on…Read More

Sep 19, 2014 / Toxics

Toilets are not garbage bins!

Last Friday, a group of septic system workers (MESUG) held an event to draw attention to the impact that so-called “flushable wipes” are having…Read More

Aug 13, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

What’s green and slimy and has no place in our Great Lakes?

It’s slimy and stinky, and it’s a growing threat to our Great Lakes. It’s algae, and it can devastate ecosystems, and cost us a…Read More

Aug 11, 2014 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Time for Ontario to be more ambitious on water

The election of a new majority government in Ontario could mean great things for the province’s lakes and rivers. A relatively stable political climate…Read More