Dec 16, 2015 / Livable Communities

New Report Card gives a “B” to the David Crombie-led Panel review of Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans

Ten years ago, Ontario’s Greenbelt was created to protect some of the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s (GGH) best farmland and environmentally sensitive areas. Soon after,…Read More

Dec 02, 2015 / Livable Communities

Time For York Region To Grow Up

Part of growing up is learning to make decisions that can improve your future. But that wasn’t the case in York Region where recently,…Read More

Jun 05, 2014 / Livable Communities

Buy Fresh, Buy Local: Support local farms in the Greenbelt this summer

In the GTA, we’re lucky to be surrounded by farms with rich soil and a booming agricultural industry which provides us with a variety…Read More