Plastic Pollution / Jul 24, 2019

Rome wasn’t built in a day and #PlasticFreeJuly won’t end plastic pollution - but it’s a good start!

With #PlasticFreeJuly coming to an end, it’s time to step back and think about why this month exists in the first place. It is…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Apr 09, 2019

Freaked out by plastic pollution? You've come to the right place

Welcome! This is your plastics intervention. Fret not, because you are not alone. The first step towards breaking free is to face the facts…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Feb 12, 2019

Breaking up is hard to do - or is it? Five easy ways to break it off with plastic this Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, plastic waste is a problem (as I’m sure you knew)! Okay, so that’s not the most romantic poem…Read More

Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / Jul 04, 2018

Pride, Sustainability, and a Sea of Plastic Bottles

Another incredible Pride weekend in Toronto has come and gone. All the colours of the rainbow filled Church St. as people everywhere flocked to…Read More

Climate Change / Engagement / Jan 08, 2018

Why we all need to be included in the discussion to successfully tackle climate change in Ontario

As Canadians, we often joke about how extreme our weather can get from one day to the next. When it is -25 C out…Read More

Engagement / Aug 17, 2017

Our outreach staffer Vicki tells us why she's powered up about owning a Tesla

Engagement Coordinator Daniella Niddery recently sat down with Vicki Jewt — millennial business woman by day, Environmental Defence outreach staffer by night — to…Read More

Safeguarding Freshwater / Jun 07, 2017

Chatting about plastic pollution at the Jack Johnson Toronto concert

Jack Johnson’s 2017 summer tour hit Toronto’s Budweiser Stage on Sunday night and I was there with another member of our Outreach Team—and not…Read More