Toronto, Ont. – Today, the Ontario government furthered its efforts to undermine environmental protection by mandating that municipalities allow compostable coffee pods to be included in organic waste collection.

This move will mean that existing municipal organic waste will be further contaminated and will have to be directed to landfill instead.

Coffee pods that are described as “compostable” actually can’t be composted in most municipal facilities. Instead, they clog up the grinding and processing machinery and result in organic waste being diverted to landfills. This occurs because the conditions in green bins do not allow for these products to be composted. Additionally, the waste sorting machines “see” them as plastic when they are processed.

Forcing municipalities to accept these pods is a taxpayer subsidy to industry, undermines waste diversion efforts, and represents a backsliding on promised moves to extended producer responsibility whereby industry pays to collect and recycle its own waste.

Coffee pods are a ridiculous product and are completely unnecessary to society. Changing the rules to allow them to increase taxpayer costs and pollute the environment is simply irresponsible.

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