Toronto, Ont. – We are dismayed by today’s decision from the Court of Appeal of Alberta. But the ruling should not be interpreted as a setback for climate change policy. Ultimately, the decision as to whether Ottawa’s carbon pricing law is constitutional will be made by the Supreme Court of Canada. Hearings are set to begin in March of this year.

Environmental Defence will be an intervenor in that case, as we were in both the Ontario and Saskatchewan cases, both of which upheld the constitutionality of the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act and the federal government’s power to act on climate change when provinces refuse to do their fair share.

Even in Alberta, the courts did not call into question whether climate change is real. Indeed, the justices stated in the opening paragraph of their judgement that “it is undisputed that greenhouse gas emissions caused by people (GHG emissions) are a cause of climate change.”

It’s upsetting that some politicians continue to use carbon pricing as a political wedge issue. Carbon pricing is supported by the majority of Canadians, as the recent federal election demonstrated. Carbon pricing finds support in Alberta too, and is supported by many resource companies, including those in oil and gas. In fact, Teck Resources voiced support for carbon pricing and called for clearer climate policy in their letter regarding their decision not to pursue the Frontier Mine.

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