Toronto, Ont. – We are disappointed that the federal government has chosen to approve this project. By approving the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the federal government has signed off on as much as an additional 15 million tonnes of carbon. This is irresponsible at a time when Canada is drifting further away from meeting our Paris climate commitment, and inconsistent with the climate emergency that was declared only yesterday. We have not seen any credible assessment of how this project, and the oil sands expansion it facilitates, can be accommodated while Canada meets its climate targets.

The project does not have the consent of most of the First Nations whose territory the pipeline passes through and terminates in. It does not have a safe way of shipping additional oil without endangering an already threatened population of orcas.  And it doesn’t have the support of the government of British Columbia, where most of the pipeline will be located. All in all, it is clear that this project does not have the “social license” the Prime Minster has frequently spoken about.

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